Experience the beauty and wonder of the people and places I visit with me

Welcome to My Travels

 I enjoy the challenge of visiting new places and meeting the people who make the countries and places what they are.

I also enjoy discovering the mysteries and beauty of  this wonderful country we live in and writing about what I find in a way that others enjoy and perhaps share with me.

I currently write travel articles for the "Probus" magazine and a new paper " Hey Boomers" aimed at the baby boomer generation. These publications have a combined distribution of approx 240,000 in Australia. Seniors now constitute 26% + of Australian travellers.

I also produce and edit video DVDs of my travels which are available either as promotional material or memories for those who have travelled with me.


What I Do

I travel this wonderful world we live in and try to paint pictures with words that will make the readers want to see these places for themselves.

About Me

I am a semi retired writer who enjoys travel. I also enjoy making videos of my travels so that others can enjoy what I have seen and experienced.

News and Events

For details see Paper “Hey Boomers”

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